If you managed to find your way over to this blip of internet WELCOME!

My name is Abby and I’m the founder and creator of The Traveling Hanger Boutique!

I travel with my family in an old greyhound bus and sing and play gospel music all over the country. (Hence the name!)

I have an absolute love affair with all things fashion and style and I love to share that with everyone I can! Thus was born, The Traveling Hanger

A boutique, yes, but also hopefully a community for girls and women around the country to be able to connect through something common – Fashion!

My goal is to make the woman who shops my site feel like she can conquer the world in the pieces she finds here. Whether the world she conquers is in a church pew, a business office or her own small business.

I want to tell stories with these pieces and I want you to tell your own story. So pull up a chair, grab a friend and join us for the adventure!